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A Network Switch, often known simply as a Switch, is a physical network device for connecting together the various components of an Ethernet computer network.  Such components might include PCs, servers, printers or routers.  The components are all connected to the switch by ethernet cables, and are then able to communicate with each other.  Switches come in a variety of types and sizes.  A small switch might have only a handful of sockets (ports) and be cheap and unsophisticated.  More sophisticated switches might have many ports, transmit data faster, and also be able to distinguish between different types of network traffic to give priority to certain services such as VOIP

USB3.0 for HP Proliant Gen8 server
26th Feb 2017

Recently had something of a struggle trying to find a USB 3.0 card to work in an HP Proliant ML350p gen8 running Windows Server 2008R2. A solution that has worked uses a Startech 2 Port PCI Express...