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Small Businesses Don't have in-house IT Expertise? We can look after your computer systems entirely, covering all aspects of support and management. View Smal...

IT Services

Computer Services in Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Oxfordshire We make computer systems: PERFORM as well as possible Be as RELIABLE as possible COST - EFFECTIVE ...

Computer Support

Computer Support and Maintenance We provide a first-class service to our support customers.   And don't just take our word for it - we have excellent testimonials from a range of busi...

Computer Crashes, Freezes, Stuck

Computer Crashes, Freezes, Stuck, Locked-Up It’s a real irritation if your computer stops working when you are in the middle of doing something. It is even worse if you also lose what you we...

Backing IT Up

Backing Up Computer Systems Every business depends on its computer systems to some degree or other. For many, systems are vital to business survival and success. This brief guide discusses the n...

Trouble-shooting lost Internet Access

Trouble-shooting lost Internet Access - a step-by-step guide Almost every business now depends on internet access to some degree or other. It can be both time-consuming and frustrating to resolve ...

Blinking cursor on boot

Sometimes a computer will fail to start up and you just end up with a blinking cursor on a grey screen.  It looks as if something drastic has gone wrong - but it may not be.  One cause see...

Fake antivirus attack

There seems to be rash of antivirus malware at the moment. The objective appears to be to get computer users to pay money for so-called antivirus software, which is in fact a fake. The first thi...

Support Scams continue

Support scams continue to threaten computer users.  A common one goes roughly as follows: The user receives a call from someone claiming to be from Microsoft or perhaps the user's ISP, ...

Guides and Papers

Guides and Papers From time to time guides and papers are published on subjects of general interest related to computing and IT. They are intended for anyone using business computer systems. Every...


A Wireless Access Point (WAP) is a physical device used in an ethernet computer network to provide wireless connections to the network.  A WAP is connected physically to a network switch or rou...


What Is A Cookie? A cookie is usually a piece of information sent by a web server to a web browser. The browser is then expected to save the cookie onto the hard drive of the user's computer and send ...

Achieving Reliable Systems

Achieving Reliable Systems Every business needs its computer systems to be reliable. System crashes can waste huge amounts of time and also carry the risk of data loss. This guide highlights som...

Smaller Businesses

IT Services for Smaller Businesses In a smaller business, you are unlikely to have dedicated IT resource - it is simply not economic.  You may have enough IT knowledge in the company to kee...

IT Support - Is it delivering?

IT Support - Is it delivering? In any walk of life, unless you are a professional in the field concerned, it can be very difficult to know whether a professional service you are using is being car...