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Backing IT Up

Backing Up Computer Systems Every business depends on its computer systems to some degree or other. For many, systems are vital to business survival and success. This brief guide discusses the n...

Online backup may miss Outlook data

Came across a rather nasty instance of the failure of an online backup service to back up Outlook data.  This particular service, provided by a well-known hosting company in the UK, offers a si...

SBS 2011 Cannot Add Removable disk to Backup

If you have a Scheduled Windows Server Backup set up in SBS 2011 (or Server 2008R2) you may get the following error message when you try to add a new removable disk: "The filename, directory na...

Always check your Backups

A salutory tale this week. A user had been running a daily backup routine of his servers for a couple of years.  There was a bad crash and he needed to recover the systems from backup. It tur...

Expensive server crashes

We are aware of two businesses that lost their SBS servers due to hardware failure over the Christmas period. Both had to be re-installed. In neither case was there effective backup in place, and th...

IT Consultancy

IT Consultancy, Advice Advice and consultancy services for computer systems can be summarised under five headings: 1) Reviewing existing supplier contracts for value and effectiveness, incl...

Computer Support

Computer Support and Maintenance We provide a first-class service to our support customers.   And don't just take our word for it - we have excellent testimonials from a range of busi...

Customer Projects - Typical Tasks

Customer Projects - some typical tasks A selection of typical tasks undertaken for customers Management and IT Consultancy Deal with ineffective support provider on behalf of customer Re...


In the words of our customers: Jim {Symington], of CBC, came recommended to us ........ After an initial (free-of-charge) consultation, it became apparent that our server had been poorly set up, wi...

Backups save the day

Came across a company that produce plastic components for the motor industry. They had a major fire that destroyed the factory before Christmas. Fortunately, regular off-site backup had been taken a...

3G Dongle

A 3G Dongle is a device for connecting a computer to a Third Generation Mobile Network (3G Network).  3G mobile networks offer much faster data transfer speeds than earlier versions, and are a ...

IT Support - Is it delivering?

IT Support - Is it delivering? In any walk of life, unless you are a professional in the field concerned, it can be very difficult to know whether a professional service you are using is being car...

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing “The Cloud” – your business in their hands? Cloud Computing is all the talk at the moment. What is it, what are the upsides and downsides?  How much are yo...

Blackberry Desktop Manager problems

Blackberry Desktop Manager version 6.0 has just been released.  It seems to be incompatible with some add-in programs, including CompanionLink (used for synchronisation with ACT!) and some back...

MS Small Business Server

Microsoft Small Business Server (SBS) Microsoft SBS is an affordable, all-in-one solution to reduce complexity and increase manageability of server technology in a small business environment. ...