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Backing IT Up

Backing Up Computer Systems Every business depends on its computer systems to some degree or other. For many, systems are vital to business survival and success. This brief guide discusses the n...

Backups save the day

Came across a company that produce plastic components for the motor industry. They had a major fire that destroyed the factory before Christmas. Fortunately, regular off-site backup had been taken a...

Always check your Backups

A salutory tale this week. A user had been running a daily backup routine of his servers for a couple of years.  There was a bad crash and he needed to recover the systems from backup. It tur...

Online backup may miss Outlook data

Came across a rather nasty instance of the failure of an online backup service to back up Outlook data.  This particular service, provided by a well-known hosting company in the UK, offers a si...

MS Small Business Server

Microsoft Small Business Server (SBS) Microsoft SBS is an affordable, all-in-one solution to reduce complexity and increase manageability of server technology in a small business environment. ...

Achieving Reliable Systems

Achieving Reliable Systems Every business needs its computer systems to be reliable. System crashes can waste huge amounts of time and also carry the risk of data loss. This guide highlights som...