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Moving from Blackberry to Android

For Blackberry fans, finding something that works well enough to replace it can be difficult.  Key functions that it is good at are: email handling (Notification) Profiles Notification ...


What is RSS? In a world heaving under the weight of billions of web pages, keeping up to date with the information you want can be a drag. Wouldn't it be better to have the latest news and features de...

And more hacked Cloud systems

Another month, another round of breaches to online systems.  IMF, Citigroup, Codemasters, Sony again - all have reported significant breaches of security resulting in unauthorised access to data....

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing “The Cloud” – your business in their hands? Cloud Computing is all the talk at the moment. What is it, what are the upsides and downsides?  How much are yo...


In the words of our customers: Jim {Symington], of CBC, came recommended to us ........ After an initial (free-of-charge) consultation, it became apparent that our server had been poorly set up, wi...