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Virus attacks

Two virus attacks seen in the last few days: 1) A false SMART warning mimicking disk drive S.M.A.R.T monitoring, telling the user that there are lots of disk errors, and inviting a link to be click...

Fake antivirus attack

There seems to be rash of antivirus malware at the moment. The objective appears to be to get computer users to pay money for so-called antivirus software, which is in fact a fake. The first thi...

Achieving Reliable Systems

Achieving Reliable Systems Every business needs its computer systems to be reliable. System crashes can waste huge amounts of time and also carry the risk of data loss. This guide highlights som...

Customer Projects - Typical Tasks

Customer Projects - some typical tasks A selection of typical tasks undertaken for customers Management and IT Consultancy Deal with ineffective support provider on behalf of customer Re...

Support Scams continue

Support scams continue to threaten computer users.  A common one goes roughly as follows: The user receives a call from someone claiming to be from Microsoft or perhaps the user's ISP, ...

Computer Crashes, Freezes, Stuck

Computer Crashes, Freezes, Stuck, Locked-Up It’s a real irritation if your computer stops working when you are in the middle of doing something. It is even worse if you also lose what you we...

Outlook runs only in Safe Mode

Outlook runs only in Safe mode If Outlook will run only in Safe mode, check the Outlook Add-ins.  Anti-virus and other add-ins can sometimes cause Outlook to stop responding, freeze or crash....


A Firewall is a means of controlling network access to a system.  This is usually in the context of preventing intrusion from the internet to a private system.  Firewalls may be in the for...

MS Small Business Server

Microsoft Small Business Server (SBS) Microsoft SBS is an affordable, all-in-one solution to reduce complexity and increase manageability of server technology in a small business environment. ...

Backing IT Up

Backing Up Computer Systems Every business depends on its computer systems to some degree or other. For many, systems are vital to business survival and success. This brief guide discusses the n...

IT Support - Is it delivering?

IT Support - Is it delivering? In any walk of life, unless you are a professional in the field concerned, it can be very difficult to know whether a professional service you are using is being car...

Trouble-shooting lost Internet Access

Trouble-shooting lost Internet Access - a step-by-step guide Almost every business now depends on internet access to some degree or other. It can be both time-consuming and frustrating to resolve ...